It often happens in China that some teenagers are forced to work instead of studying. This is especially true with the first child, if she happens to be a girl. It then becomes her responsibility to be the family's bread winner before finding a husband.
We want to change this. We want to empower these young women. We want to give them a second chance at education.

Our name, "Teacher of Ten Thousand Generations" is one of the many names used by the great philosopher and teacher Confucius. Confucius promoted studying diligently to progress which is what we believe whilst our charity is not otherwise related to Confucius.


We identify girls who are working in factories and we give them the opportunity to leave their factory and resume studying. We also have a team of staff who would visit each girl's family to ensure the family is supportive of the girl's choice.

We would also check that the family does not have the financial means to pay for the girl's education.

 MISSION - What?

Every year, 20 girls are selected. They are admitted to a vocational school that offers boarding within the school (for the girls' safety). We have been cooperating for the past 10 years with the Lianshan Teacher Training School.

The courses are for a term of two years. Upon completion, the girl will receive an official diploma and qualify as kindergarten teacher. All graduates are guaranteed a teaching job in Guangdong, China.

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