Establishment of our Lianshan office in China with the aid of Lianshan Teaching Training School (連山廣播電視大學.教師進修學校). Our Lianshan office registered with the Lianshan Education Department as an authorized point to provide education assistance to the children in need.

Our representative office is set up at Lianshan Teacher Training School, Binjiang Zhong Road, Jitian Town, Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County, Guangdong, China PC: 513200 (廣東省連山壯族瑤族自治縣吉田鎮濱江中路 郵編:513200).

Our local r
epresentative of Teacher of Ten Thousand Generations Foundation is Mr. Cheng Jian Cai ( 程健才先生).

Presentation of the memorial flag from the principal of the Lianshan Teacher Training School (連山廣播電視大學教師進修學校), Mr. Yu to Mr. He (an ex-government official from Guangdong Province), acting on behalf of the Teacher of Ten Thousand Generations Foundation 

(Left) Representative of Teacher of Ten Thousand Generations Foundation, Mr. Cheng and (Right) the principal of Lianshan Teacher Training School, Mr. Yu.

A generous donor offered computers and a photocopy machine to our Foundation, which were then sent to the Lianshan Teacher Training School.

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